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Welcome to Organic Solutions!

Organic Solutions provides complete, organic based proactive care for your trees, shrubs and lawn. This includes a full range of services related to the health of your trees, shrubs and turf along with complete maintenance of your property.

We provide annual, organic based turf care programs for both warm season and cool season grasses. Our programs address soil management, insect and disease control and weed control. In addition, our annual tree and shrub care program provides complete, organic based fertilization and nutrition as well as proactive treatment for the control of insects and disease.

Our goal is to work with you and the environment to craft and execute a plan for total landscape health. This starts with the soil, which is the foundation of all plant health, and extends to all of the plants in your landscape covered by our programs. At Organic Solutions, we use the most advanced, organic based products that have been scientifically tested and are results driven to achieve healthier plants and better results.

For a free evaluation of your property please call 704-292-5562